Grading System, Academic Year and Language of Instruction in Tunisia

Grading System

A 20-point grading scale (1-20) is used by the educational institutions in Tunisia. Most of the higher education institutions in Tunisia use 20-point grading scale, while some of them use a grading scale that is similar to the ECTS grading system. The passing score is 10. 

 Scale Grade Description (In English) Grade Description (In French)US Grades 
 14.00-20.00 Very Good Tres Bien  A
 12.00-13.99   B+
 11.00-11.99 Good Enough Assez Bien  B
 10.50-10.99   B-minus-
 10.10-10.49   C+
 10.00-10.09 Pass Passable C
 9.00-9.99   C-minus-
 8.00-8.99   D
 0.00-7.99 Fail Ajourne F

Academic Year

The academic year in Tunisia starts in October and ends in June. Examinations take place in June end or early July. 

Language of Instruction

The prime language of instruction in Tunisia is Arabic. French is also widely spoken in Tunisia.  In the third year of school education, French is taught as a foreign language. Also, several technical subjects are taught in French at the secondary and higher education levels.
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