Tunisia as a Study Destination

Tunisia is located in the northernmost part of Africa. Tunisia is a Maghreb country that is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea to the east and north, Algeria to the west, and Libya to the southeast. The country has a varied economy, and rich and unique culture and history, thus attracting people from all over the world. Students in Tunisia can enjoy a relaxed lifestyle. Tunisia has high-quality education and great learning environment, thus attracting students across the world. Following are the reasons to study abroad in Tunisia: 

Vibrant Academic Culture

Education in Tunisia has traces of French. The education system of Tunisia is one of the best education systems in North Africa. The higher education institutions in Tunisia offer a wide range of academic and research programmes. Universities in Tunisia offer several programmes from environmental science to zoology, Arabic to archaeology, thus portraying an exciting and diverse country.

Language Immersion

The official language of instruction in Tunisia is Arabic. French is also spoken widely. By studying in Tunisia, students get to learn Arabic or French. 

Cost-Effective Study and Living Destination

The cost of study and living in Tunisia is reasonable. Tuition fee is low in Tunisia. 

Cultural Enlightenment

Tunisia is a home to the ancient structures from Carthaginian and Roman times. Tunisia has a long cultural history. The country had influences of people, like the French, Phoenicians, Arabs, Italians, Romans, Spaniards, Byzantines, Turks, and the Vandals.  The Tunisia's richly diverse culture will enrich the study abroad experience of the pupils.

Career Advancement 

Students who graduate from a Tunisian educational institution have several career opportunities. The country is a blend of the Middle East and Africa, thus offering numerous opportunities for business pupils interested in oil production, import and export.
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